"You will forever be my soul mate.."

Her words pierced my heart like it came from the sharpest blade ever forged. With tears in her eyes she looked to me waiting for a response. The only thing I could mutter was, “I love you much more than you know.”
Trying to keep my own tears back I rushed inside and raced to the bathroom.
“You cannot cry..” I kept tell myself. I had never loved anyone more than I love her.. No one. I had loved before, but this was a different kind of love. A love that could change the world, a love that only she deserved. I stood in that bathroom with tears streaming down my face, with love in my heart. Content that soon, maybe one day, I could love another as I love her.

Some more pics of Austin!

At my aunts dinner, I’m sitting with this MILF. Hehe.

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*flicks holy water on you* leave

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this truly went 0-100 light speed


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Just because I find you attractive doesnt mean I like you. You appeal to my eyes, not my heart or mind. It’s not that deep.


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